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If you are interested in a career in restaurant or food service management, a training from a hospitality or culinary school may provide the preparation you need to get started quickly. National restaurant chains and food service companies recruit new management trainees from hospitality management programs at colleges and technical institutes or schools. Current employees, such as waitresses or chefs, with potential may sometimes promoted from within to a management trainee position.

Culinary Schools and College Education

Training programs at hotel / hospitality management or culinary schools provide training in food preparation, nutrition, and sanitation. They may also offer courses in management and general business subjects, such as accounting and business law. Schools also offer hands-on experience, with in-school kitchen training supplementing classroom instruction. Many of the better culinary schools may offer an externship or internship program that allows near-graduates to practice their new career in the real world. These types of educational programs may lead to a position as a chef, and provide a starting point for later career advancement.

In-House Training Programs

Many restaurants and food service management companies provide in-house training to supplement what new management trainees have learned in school. Combining classroom and on the job experience, trainees receive instruction on nutrition, sanitation, food ordering and preparation, and recordkeeping. These programs also instruct new trainees on company policies and procedures, the computer system, and other topics.

Career Advancement for Restaurant Professionals

In order to advance in their career, food service and restaurant managers may need to relocate. Sometimes, more senior positions open up as new restaurants are created within a chain. Other more senior positions may be located at the firm's regional or national headquarters. Some managers may start their career at restaurants, and then move to a hotel or resort, where they can use their experience to gain a more senior position. There are a number of certification programs that managers may complete to further indicate their skills. For example, the Certified Foodservice Management Professional designation is given by the Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association following completion of a series of courses and a written examination.

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