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Lincoln Culinary Institute

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Lincoln Culinary Institute, located in West Palm Beach, is a division of Lincoln College of Technology. The school has developed a unique learning system that it calls 'COIL', which stands for Cycle of Interactive Learning. Applied to each daily lesson, to each course, and to the entire program, the system involves setting specific learning goals, and ensures that students graduate with the knowledge and skills needed for culinary career.

Programs and Courses of Study

Culinary Arts Diploma

Students in the Culinary Arts diploma program learn the skills needed to become chefs through a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on experience in the school's culinary laboratories.

Students learn food preparation skills in the areas of sauces, soups and stocks, butchery, and baking and pastry. They also learn about differing styles of contemporary and international cuisine.

Kitchen management and production skills are mastered as well, with courses in Food & Beverage Management, Banquets and catering, and industry professionalism.

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Bachelor's Degree in Culinary Management

The Culinary Management degree program may prepares you for a positions in the food service industry through a combination of classroom instruction and examining real world issues in various foodservice and tourism locations.

Some of the topics covered include food purchasing and menu development, cost controls, dining room and bar supervision and human resources training, and legal issues in the restaurant industry.

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Diploma in International Baking and Pastry

This program's courses focus on the preparation of baked goods, cakes, candies, and desserts, while providing a background of theory and practical knowledge. In the school's kitchen laboratories, students learn to produce pies, cheesecakes, cookies, wedding cakes, and pate choux.

In the classroom, students learn dessert menu development, the history of baking, and facility design.

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Location and Campus

Lincoln Culinary Institute shares space with Lincoln College of Technology campus in West Palm Beach. Students in the Culinary division have access to the computer labs and library facilities at the college. The campus also holds the school's gourmet restaurant, Cafe Protege.

Situated in the middle of Florida's famous Gold Coast, the area is well known for its beautiful beaches, busy nightlife, and year-round near perfect temperatures.

Admissions and Financial Aid

Classes at the Lincoln Culinary Institute start each quarter, so prospective students can apply at any time. The school may works with students to determine what types of financial aid, loans, or scholarships the student may be eligible for. .

Lincoln Culinary Institute
2410 Metrocentre Boulevard
West Palm Beach, Florida 33407