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Culinary, Restaurant, and Hotel Career Opportunities

Culinary Careers

If you are thinking about a career as a culinary professional, read the information below to discover training and advancement opportunities in a culinary career.

  • This culinary career overview describes the job titles and employee types found in the restaurant and food service industries.
  • While entry-level cooking jobs may be your foot in the door, you may work your way up through the ranks.
  • Take a look at the employment outlook for various jobs in the culinary field.
  • A career in food service sometimes involves long hours. But it's worth it with the sense of accomplishment and recognition you get. Here is a list of working conditions for employees in the culinary and food service industries.

Hotel, Motel and Resort Management Careers

Hotels and motels may offer a wide variety of management positions, from reservations managers to hospitality and convention managers, and everything in between. Read the sections below to find out about career opportunities in this field.

  • Larger hotels and motels have many different departments, each requiring managers with different skills and experience. This overview lists some of the career options in lodging management.
  • If you want to be a success, appropriate career training may help. This section provides information on hotel management training options.
  • The number of jobs for trained hotel managers may grow over the next few years. Find out more in hotel management job growth and earnings.

Restaurant and Food Service Management Careers

Managing a restaurant, or working in an institutional kitchen as a food service manager, is a career that uses people skills, a knowledge of culinary practices and procedures, and plain old general management ability.